Our clients include new companies in the process of ramping operations as well as established companies that want to improve performance. Both types of clients share the need to optimize their operations model to achieve measurable results such as reducing costs, improving service levels, lowering inventory and decreasing cycle times. Below are examples of IdealFlow's measurable successes.

Supplier Cost Management 2% reduction in purchase costs
Vendor Managed Inventory in Hubs Key driver in reducing Dell inventory from 55 DSI to 4 DSI
Real-Time Production Planning Lowered manufacturing costs by over $300 million and reduced cycle time by 58%
Migration of manufacturing to Asia Reduced logistics, manufacturing and tax costs by over $300 million
Procurement Cost Forecasting and Negotiation Communication Process Reduced overpayment to suppliers by $20 million per year
Designed Enterprise Process Infrastructure for startup Ramped operations to complete outsourced manufacturing capability with integrated data exchange in 6 months
Synchronized Global Parts Data and Engineering Change Orders (ECO) 75% reduction in ECO cycle time